The Clek Oobr Full Back Booster Seat has a lot of features that you’re going to love. Your child will definitely be kept safe the whole time you are on the road.

Not only does it blend metal, plastic, and microfiber well, you also have a rigid latch system that locks the booster on your car or van seat.

You are not going to have to keep an eye on your child every single time there is a slight turn in the road or there is a bump ahead. The Clek Oobr Full Back Booster Seat has it all for your child and then some. Your young one will be kept safe and sound in this seat and they will surely be comfortable the entire time as well.


  • Metal, plastic, microfiber
  • Rigid latch system locks the booster in place
  • Metal substructure improves side impact protection
  • Reclines to keep child safe and comfortable when sleeping in the car
  • Back is removable for backless use with an older child
  • Crypton super fabrics provide stain, moisture and bacteria resistance


The features that Clek Oobr brings are limitless when it comes to versatility.

First of all, we only have to take a look at the careful crafting of the metal, plastic, and microfiber.

They were intelligently put in place in the components so you are sure to have the durable equipment and an expiration date that is accurate.

No longer will you have to worry about your car booster seat being unsafe since the components or the materials might break—this one was made up of only the highest quality materials.

The rigid latch system is enough to secure your child onto the car or van seat.

You will be able to make sure that your eyes are on the road since bumps and turns are not going to bring any issues with this safe car seat for your child.

Your child will also be kept in place and comfortable, thanks to the metal substructure that immensely improves side impact protection.

Every twist and turn of the car will not bring any scare to your child since they are not going to feel the slightest bumps that come with them.

Your child will not have a tough time in sleeping and getting into their favorite position on the car seat because it is able to recline.

Your child is safe and they are comfortable as well, so you do not have to worry about them being awake the entire time that you are on the road.

They will be able to sleep peacefully and you only have to focus your eyes on the road since your child will not be feeling any bumps or strong shaking on their seat thanks to the advanced technology used to keep your child safe with the Clek Oobr.


A thing that should be pointed out about the Clek Oobr is that it is intended to be a high-end car booster.

You are also going to have a tough time making up your mind with this one since they have so many similar sounding and looking models usually sold next to each other in the store.

However, you will be sure that the money you are going to spend will go into ensuring the safety of your child

There are other alternative brands and units on the market right now; granted they provide fewer features and probably less comfort for your child.

It is up to you to decide which one is more important, especially if you are planning to take long road trips.


The Clek Oobr Full Back Booster Seat gets 4 stars out of 5 from us.

It is more expensive than most models, but it delivers in terms of stability and safety for your child. The comfort features are just the cherry on top of the icing on this cake.

You are not going to need any other car booster seat because the Clek Oobr Full Back Booster Seat will provide comfort for your child and peace of mind for you.