This amazing AMP High Back Car Seat Booster released by Evenflo has a lot of features that are going to guarantee a safe and sound ride for your young one.

You are guaranteed the safest possible experience thanks to the different certifications that Evenflo has already proven to have achieved in the past and at the present.

You are not going to have to worry about your young one being unsafe with Evenflo AMP High Back Car Seat Booster at the back of your vehicle because they are going to be sitting or sleeping comfortable with this car seat.


  • 100% polyester
  • Made in the US
  • Side impact tested; meets or exceed all applicable federal safety standards and Evenflo’s side impact test standard
  • 6 positions allow the seat to grow with your child, 2 seats in 1—removable back transitions to an AMP no-back booster
  • Elastic dual cup holders for drinks
  • Pad removes for machinewashing
  • Ships in certified frustration-free packaging


A product proudly made in the United States, you are not going to find low-quality materials used in any component of this release by Evenflo.

There are so many features to rave about  that we did not know where to begin. This is a side impact tested booster seat that has passed and even exceeded all federal safety standards.

There are also certifications for all of the features that this Evenflo product brings so you are always guaranteed a safe experience for your young one.

There are not going to be any issues with the safety of your child because anything that you have questioned will always be answered with this Evenflo unit.

You can rest assured since the 6 positions of this unit have lots flexibility in terms of placing your child.

This is two seats in one with the removable function which is a special feature exclusively for this high back car seat booster.

There are also a lot of safety measures put in place for this unit that the asking price is simply a shock to us.

You are not going to find all of the other features that this one brings on other products within its price range.

The pad can also be removed and be washed in your washing machine, and the elastic dual cup holder has a place for your baby’s drink.


You are probably thinking that we going to have many negatives to say about this model, however, we did not find too many faults with this product.

All of the things that are advertised worked as well as they are marketed and we had no issues with installing them in our test cars.

However, we did run into a few problems when trying to install this particular car seat booster in smaller sedans such as Toyota, but we made the necessary adjustments needed to properly fit in and did not have any issues beyond that.

There are color alternatives for this unit, but none of them really catches the attention quite well like those in other releases by Evenflo.

We loved the attempt at simplicity, but there should have been a lot more color since it is a car seat for children.

We want to engage our young ones as much as possible during their developing stages, and that includes stimulating their eyes.


The Evenflo AMP High Back Car Seat Booster gets 4 stars out of 5 from us.

You are going to love Evenflo AMP High Back Car Seat Booster because its accessibility and flexibility are unmatched.

With so many features already pre-built in, this unit definitely excels over the rest in the store, and with a very affordable asking price, you are guaranteeing your child a safe and sound ride the whole time.