We have all experienced this: You have just poured yourself your favorite soup and you want to drink your favorite chocolate milk, but then you look at the packaging and they have already expired.

Would you continue with the consumption?

Definitely not! Now take a look at your booster seat and check its expiration date. You think to yourself, “it still looks good,” and keep on using it. That is not smart. Treat your seats like you treat the food that you consume.

Do not risk your children on a booster seats that has already expired. An expired booster seat poses a great danger to anybody sitting on it, much like a food that has already gone bad.

If you truly are someone who cares for the welfare of others, then you should definitely check the expiration date and the lifespan of your booster seat today.

We are going to present you with the reasons why you have to maintain your booster seats and why it is important that you always make sure you have one that has not expired.

Materials break down, much like food, over time

You are not going to have a high-quality item for the rest of your life. Regardless of how well the booster seat was advertised, it is not going to last more than 6-8 years.

You can cover it with plastic, but the cushion and the support inside will still degrade and come apart.

You have to make sure that you prepare in advance for this, and that you have a replacement ready for when this happens.

You will have to install a new booster seat and you also have to make sure that the one you installed does not expire sooner than you have to use it for.

Everything is upgraded over time

The key phrase here is “over time.” Like a fine wine, technology gets better with time.

A priority should be placed high on the list for booster seats since every year there is always an upgrade to them.

Even if you have a seat that has not already expired, it is worth investing in a seat that has better features than what you currently have.

Car seat manufacturers try to outdo each other every release they do which is why you should never have an outdated seat even if it is still within its usage date.

Replacements expire too

When your seat breaks down or degrades, you might think that you can just replace a specific part of it.

The issue here is that not a lot of car manufacturers invest in replacement wings as much as they do with the newer tech.

You are not going to find a replacement component for a seat that was released years ago.

In fact, it would be much wiser and cheaper to just buy a new one, or one that is directly an upgrade from the one that expired.

Things to do with an expired seat

You can just dispose of it. If this is not an option for you or you want to recycle, make sure that you tear it up piece by piece so nobody else tries to use it.

It is a hazard to reuse an expired booster seat, and you are going to save lives by making sure that your expired one is properly disposed of.

You have to keep in mind that there are a lot of harness straps on the market that were resold from expired booster seats.

Do not be part of this system and write down with a sharpie that the one that you have disposed of has already expired and should not be reused or resold by anybody else.