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Some of the things that we consider before list booster car seats on our website include:

• Technology

We consider if the company manufactures quality booster car seat with excellent comfort and safety features that are up to date with the current technology available in the industry.

• Value for your money

We care a lot the welfare of our visitors and that is why we always ensure that we list quality booster car seat that matches with their price tag. We also let you know if there are any additional fee or expenses included. Our mission is to help you get value for your hard earned money.

• Customer support

Besides considering quality, we also consider the quality of customer support that the company offers to its customers. We have only listed booster car seat from companies that have customer care departments with friendly and highly committed staff. In addition to that, we also consider things such as 24/7 customer care support, arrival time, email support among many other things.

• Reputation

We only list booster car seat from brands that are trustworthy and reliable. We also ensure that the company has been endorsed by other third party brands that are trusted.